Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gorgio Armani iPad Sling Bag

This Gorgio Armani Sling Bag, though not design specifically for iPad, it can snuggly fit in my iPad (in Capdase Case and expandable sleeve), iPhone and Blackberry in the front net.

It has 3 generous compartments, I can nicely place in my lipsticks, car keys ...etc

(Sorry the photos are not sharp enough as I snap them using my hubby's iPhone under low lightings. The Giorgio Armani logo is faintly visible.)

Monday, May 10, 2010

VAJA Slim Ipad Cases

Sena Leather Ipad Case

1. Sena ZipBook

2. Sena Folio

3. Sena Executive

A small Tustin, California-based company is offering its most expensive product to date, one that will tack on an extra $100 to that iPad you bought a couple weeks ago.

Sena Cases, a company that specializes in luxury leather cases for electronic devices, has introduced its first cases for the iPad. At $100 each, they are the most expensive products in the company's catalog, which also includes $70 Kindle cases and $50 cases for MP3 players.

Sena's cases are hand-crafted by professional leather artisans and are targeted towards upscale consumers.

"The new upscale collection masters a smart line of professional, elegant cases which not only protect the precious iPad, but offer excellent functionality, and are sure to last you and your Apple tablet for a very, very long time," wrote the company in today's product announcement.

Available at $100 each are the Folio Case, Executive Sleeve Case (pictured above), and the ZipBook Case. However, customers who pre-order ahead of time will only pay around $80. There is also an "UltraSlim" iPad case that retails for around $60 or $50 for pre-order customers.

The cases will be sold at Apple Stores, as well as through Sena's own online store.

Temple Leather Ipad Case

Planning on buying an iPad? Make sure the ipad case in which you transport it matches in style. You can’t just pick up any old computer geek bag from Best Buy—you need a truly distinguished sack. You need the Temple Bags Leather iPad case.

The Temple Bags Leather iPad Case comes complete with pockets galore and a giant display window which lets you show your new toy off to the world while the rest of the population sneers with utter jealousy.